I’ve been thinking lately about the nature of time as a design element in itself, created, adopted, adapted, and applied. A linear marker with a beginning and end, where thousandth of a second wins the race.There’s so much feeling associated with time and yet it remains intangible, and  abstract.

So how do we design around the concept of time? Some people say that through meditation, time can slow down and even stop depending on the persons intent and focus. On the other “hand” we are constantly trying to beat the clock, or trying to make a boring day at work go faster. We have become unintentional clockwatcher’s, checking our phones, and wearables, and products that blink, beep, and alarm.

I wonder if we have the ability to become our own time machines? Can we stop and take it all in, or is there just too much to absorb? H. G. Wells wrote in “The Time Machine,” about physical time travel within a built contraption, and yet there seems to be speculation of multiverses and parallel universes that would upend our sense of linear time travel. Much has been written about the existence of a fourth dimension which is difficult to see for an untrained eye. So what am I getting at other than a ranting tangent…well simply, time can be altered. Time could be circular, or a spiral, or elliptical. Let’s start to explore the fifth dimension.



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